Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Time Adventures

Well it is summer and this is my first post on this blog since the fall. I was busy with my own school adventures. I just finished my Certification for Instructional Technology Specialist. It has been an adventure that is for sure! I took a year sabbatical and my son was in kindergarten. In true over achiever mode I signed up as homeroom Mom, volunteered to co chair the book fair and spent time each week in his room. I juggled my homework and my son's schedule and managed to do very well in all my classes. I kept the cleaning lady and found out my husband has several dished he loves to cook. So everything balanced out pretty well. Ok the truth is I spent a great deal of time stressing out about homework. It is so hard to have someone else grade my work!! I really drove me to the edge on many projects. But now the eportfolio is done, the practicum is complete and I have had two opportunities to share (ok show off) my newly acquired tech skills to several levels of professionals at my home district! I am preparing to return to work in the fall, refreshed, revitalized and Web 2.0 ozing from my pores. My husband thinks I am addicted to the computer. He may be correct in this assumption. I can't stop check on my Twitter! I have more browsers on my computer than any normal person. I use each one for something different... or I just like to test them out... which one works better at... and can spend hours just on this comparison...
SO. Am I addicted to the computer... No... I still unplug and play with my kid, read books and take him to the library or to see anything having to do with trains... and YES, when he is playing in the backyard I am checking my twitter, gmail, msn and work email... usually all at the same time... in a different browser for each one.... just to see which loads fastest today....
I think I will start blogging about both home and school adventures!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

First Bus Ride

You never saw a bigger smile or a happier child than mine on his first bus ride to school. His celebration on the beginning of his educational career is definitely something to celebrate. He is looking forward to learning to read and write, and to do science and math. I of course had to follow him to school with the EpiPen and meet with the cafeteria staff and the nurse to devise a plan for his food allergies. The staff were helpful if a bit overwhelmed with the beginning of the school year. I hope all goes as planned but I have my doubts. A food allergy parent with doubts is not a good thing. I would like to feel more assured of my son's well being held in high esteem. Wish us luck!

Thursday, August 30, 2007